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They say a man’s home is his castle. But having to change castles is one of the most time and energy consuming tasks in any man’s life. As thrilling as it might be to move someplace bigger or cozier, be it just a few blocks away or in a different state, relocation can prove to be quite daunting for most of you, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Preparing yourself for the big move means listing all the things you are going to have to take care of, including, but not limited to finding the best local or long distance movers in the city.

We here at State to State Movers can provide you with just the right team of expert van drivers, movers, and specialized warehouse storage specialists that can guide you every step of the way. And while you can also choose to ask for your help when it comes to doing the heavy or fragile-item packing, you also need to create your very own moving checklist, so everything can beautifully fall into place by the end of your transition process. So, to come to your help, here are the main items any moving checklist should be comprised of:

Moving Planner – 8 Weeks Before The Big Move 

Planning your move needs to start real early – 8 weeks early, if possible, so make sure you start your moving checklist with thoroughly sorting all the contents of your closets and drawers. Don’t forget about your kitchen cupboards and remember you should dispose of the things you can find no use for. Create a detailed inventory of all of your stuff all around the house and decide whether you should store some of these things someplace else – we can offer you some excellent storage options, in case you need it. Figure out the replacement values for your most important items around the house, for insurance purposes. Asking for some estimates for your items should also make it on your 8-week list of things to do before moving.

6 Weeks Before The Big Move

Take care of all the real estate or rental papers that need handling and buy your train or plane tickets, if you are planning on moving someplace out of the city or state. Make all the job and school-related arrangements and notifications you need to make and make sure you get all the school or medical records you need for the entire family. Resolve all of the potentially rising policy changing aspects.

4 Weeks Before The Big Move  

Next on your moving checklist should be getting in touch with all of your utility agents and have them prepare the disconnecting of your services one month from now. Also, make all the arrangements so that you can have the same services be activated several days before your arrival to your new home or office. Order all the packing supplies you might need to handle your packing by yourself, or get in touch with our expert State to State Movers packing specialists and have them plan your packing schedule.

7 Days Before The Big Move    

In case you decide you should do all the packing yourself, you should go ahead and finish packing all the boxes, then confirm your travel arrangements and finally take care of the deposits or payments for your movers. Remember that you can also have everything packed with the help of our packing specialists. Contact your movers and send them written directions to your new location. Do not forget to confirm your pre-established delivery date and double check if they have your itinerary and cell number. A week before you move, you should also consider sending the right kind of form to the post office so they can have your delivery address properly changed, change your magazine subscriptions and make all the necessary arrangements with your bank or creditor notices.

Your moving checklist should also include administrative chores, such as having your carpets cleaned and getting them ready for the big move. Finally, pack your traveling suitcase which should provide you with the things you are going to need the first couple of day after your move takes place: pack all the right clothes, toiletry items, ID and other financial papers you might need.

The Moving Day Has Arrived

Your moving planner should also comprise the things you are going to have to do during the moving day itself: finish packing your first-night suitcase, help the mover finish off the inventory of all of your possessions. Supervise all condition reports, don’t forget to sign off the lading bill, lock everything up, then make sure you give one final look to your now ex-home or office, no nothing gets left behind.

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